SOTA Report

Here’s an update from our very own Jesse – KB2OBQ on his “Summits on the air” activation on Crystal Peak in the mountains of Colorado. Jesse and his detachment scaled this peak and Jesse competed against his military communications specialist and was able to make 9 contacts before the military comms were able to get on the air.  Thanks Jesse for the report!

The SOTA activation was a success! After a very, very difficult ascent, I was able to get an antenna up and make 9 contacts before rough weather rolled in and forced us off the peak. The little Elecraft and a home-brew antenna performed well, although I could not dig any Florida or NOARC stations out of the static. My contacts ranged from Washington State, Oregon, California, Kansas, to Indiana. Overall, I think NOARC was well represented at 13,800 feet +/-. 

Oh, and a side note, Ham Radio came out ahead. I was able to set up the radio, get the antenna up, and make 9 contacts before our commo guy could make a single contact! We’ll call that a win for Ham Radio!

 The air was thin up there, but not too thin for RF!



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