2019 Tech Night Scheduled

January 24 Panama City Shelter – Hurricane  by Michael & Bruce, KA5DLV
February 28 Digital Modes: PSK-31, FT8, RTTY by Craig, KK4WDQ
March 28 Building and Tuning a Dipole Antenna by Ron, KI5FR
April 25 Fox Hunting by Bob, N4CU
May 23 Prep for Field Day (3rd Weekend in June) Activities Committee
June 27 Residential Solar Power by KM4SPJ/AB3TW
July 25 How Repeaters Work by N4GXX
August 22 The Evolution of Remote Bases by KA5DLV
September 26 Basic: Resistance, Reactance & Impedance by W4BZM
October 24 Baluns & Feed Lines Jesse byKB2OBQ
November None
December None (Christmas Party)