Merit Badge University

Objective:       Get 8 to 10 scouts to complete the requirements for Radio merit badge.  

Where:           At EOC in Niceville.  We would have use of the radio room.  We have also requested one of the breakout rooms for the instructional part.

When:            On Saturday August 10, 2019, with a 3-hour period in the morning, lunch, and a 3-hour period in the afternoon. 

What we would need to provide:   Instructors, presentation, projector, big screen, HTs so we could run multiple contacts simultaneously, demo items for a table (books, hardware, QSL display, etc.)

Other:             Have each scout make a 10 minute conversation “over the air:, which is one of the requirements for the badge.

Recommend 147.360 repeater, and 146.580 simplex, within range of the Niceville EOC. Time of the QSOs would be approximately 15:00  on Saturday. 

If you can help, let Don Snyder, KN4CGX, Mike Behr, W4BZM; or Bruce Adams, KA5DLV know of your intent.