Tech Night: IC-7300

In April, I will do a tech night on the IC-7300 our club HF radio. I know a couple of members have the radio and I am sure they will attest to what a great radio it is at such a reasonable price. In order to get off on the right foot, I would like you to consider downloading a few items as well as joining a Facebook group about the IC-7300 if you are so inclined. Here are links to download the basic manual pdf and download the full manual pdf from ICOM.

Ron Mahn, KI5FR

Date: 23 April 2020 7:00 pm
Location: Live Oak Baptist Church Fellowship Hall
4565 Live Oak Church Rd
Crestview, FL 32539


The Club President was asked in early February by Police Chief Steven McCosker for the club to assist his officers with the first Unity Flashlight Walk. The 1.2 mile walk (5:45 pm on February 29, 2020) in downtown Crestview requested we be their “eyes and ears” while the patrol officers walked with residents as a sign of solidarity of community strength and unity. The hams were to be aided by Okaloosa Sheriff and other community volunteers. As the last marchers passed each of 14 checkpoints (street intersections), horse-type barricades would be removed and we were to be released.

The club was allowed to setup a tent (net control point) at the start/finish of the walk, which was City Hall. There was also one ham “ bicycle mobile” as a roamer. The net was run on 447.000 Mhz.

Thanks to the hams the participated: KM4OZK as a community walker; KI4MEU, KM4YOH, N4DPM, KF6LEC, KI4ZIH, KJ4PIU, KM4SPJ, KI4ZER and friend, KN4UDS and daughter, KF4RAF, KA5DLV, KM4SRO and wife, KI5FR, WB4EWS, KJ4FNA, AK4XK, KL7LS, KK4WDQ and KO4AFZ.

Thanks to Mayor JB Whitten and Chief McCosker for attending our meeting and presenting their request.