Full Day of Hell Sprint

NOARC operators:  Have you ever used a mode called Hellschreiber  (“Hell” for short)?  Hellschreiber was a digital communications mode developed in 1929 by Dr. Rudolf Hell , when teleprinters were complex and expensive.  The Hell receiving mechanism had only two moving parts.  It was used mostly for land-line press services, which continued well into the 1980s.  It was widely used during WW2 for field portable military communications.  Hellschreiver generates text that looks almost as if it came off a fax machine.  Radio amateurs continue use of this nostalgic mode today.
If you’d like to experience the mode and your digital sofware supports it (there are several variants, the most commons being FSK Hell-105), the Feld Hell club is hosting a “5th Saturday” sprint on 30 May 2020 (actually starting at 0000 UTC 30 May, which is 1900 CDT on Friday 29 May). 
Details are available at:
The suggested frequencies are at: 
Have fun enjoying a vintage mode of radio communication!
Mike W4BZM

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