August Tech Night 2020: Satellite Operations

The July NOARC Tech Night will be presented by club member, past President and current Vice-President Ron Mahn, KI5FR.  His topic will be Satellite Operations: How do I get started?

Ron is one of the most active hams in the Panhandle using this mode.  He has presented this topic numerous times to the club, and sets up a station at Field Day operations. 

If you have seen presentation this before – come see it again.

If you have not seen this presentation – come learn about the various uplinks, downlinks, Cubesats other “birds”, and software to make the tracking easier on you.  As many of you know, the International Space Station has amateurs on it also.

You can also attend via ZOOM. Click here for ZOOM instructions (once actuated).

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 7:00 pm at the Live Oak Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.