Input requested concerning license training — are we dinosaurs?

NOARC members,
The Education and Training Committee is evaluating our methods of providing training for the Technician, General, and Extra licenses.  We are concerned that, in this age of virtual instruction in our schools, our training methods may be outdated.  (Are we dinosaurs?)  We’re asking if there are ways we could better server our community, and we need your input.
The schedule driver is a potential General class that would start in January 2021.  If we are to hold classes in our normal, live-instruction forum, the Committee needs to start making preparations in early November.  Since the General books and question bank have changed since the last time we taught the subject, this will involve substantial effort prior to the class.
We presented our concerns at the October business meeting, and the slides from that presentation are attached.  In a nutshell, we need to decide what training NOARC should be doing in the future

The options are:
1.  Continue to provide live classes, either in-person (Covid permitting) or remotely (via Zoom).

2.  Refer potential students to recorded classes, and concentrate on being Elmers for questions and for getting started operating after the exam is passed.

3.  Do no instruction or Elmering, just testing.

We need input on your point of view.  We would like you to answer the following questions:
1.  How did you study for your license?  What method (class, self-study, YouTube, whatever) worked best for you?  Why?
2.  Do you think NOARC should continue the current method of instruction?  What changes would you recommend?
3.  Have you served as an instructor for a NOARC class?
4.  Have you been an Elmer for a new licensee within the last three years?

Bruce (KA5DLV) and I (W4BZM) would welcome input via whatever method is best for you — verbal, e-mail, discussion on a web page post or Facebook, via 147.36 after the GCVTN, notes passed on a napkin, whatever. 

We’d like to have your input by 23 October.  PLEASE don’t put this in the “I’ll get around to it” or “let somebody else do it, I don’t care” stack.  

Link to Document

Thank you, in advance, for you help.  
73, Mike W4BZM

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