Live Oak Baptist Church Fall Festival – Thanks To All

 A huge shout out and thanks to everyone from NOARC who supported the Live Oak Baptist Church (LOBC) Fall Festival on 31 October.  The LOBC have been outstanding hosts to the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC) over the years and this is one of the ways we try to pay back their hospitality. 

Because of COVID, the event was much smaller this year than usual, which was good because we had a little less space to park than usual.  However our lead, Joe KN4UDS packed those cars in like sardines…safely but tight enough to have plenty of space available.  We had more folks then we needed for parking the cars, but having those vests all over the place showed how serious we are about assisting the church. 

This year we had lights, based on ideas from Joe KN4UDS, Rob KM4SPJ, and Bruce KA5DLV. This was key to a safer event this year.  While we have had no accidents in the past, the lights made it easier for walkers to watch their step and drivers to see walkers a little better.  Yet more improvement.  Thanks everyone for joining us this year.

Our Crew!

Joe KN4UDS (Co-Lead)Ted KM4SRO & Sue
Ted KM4SRO & SueRich N4DPM
Craig KK4WDQ & JuanitaRandy KN4OPX
Bruce KA5DLVIan White

Ron Mahn KI5FR

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