The following message was posted on Facebook on September 22 by Ron, KI5FR about member Jim Morrison, AJ4XK.  Jim had recently retired; assisted with local public service events and was active as a Volunteer Examiner.   Rest in Peace Jim!

I (Ron Mahn) received some sad news yesterday. James “Jim” Morrison AJ4XK became a Silent Key (SK) on August 17th. Jim was a particularly active member of the club for public service events where he could be seen taking any role that was asked. His combination of friendly voice but imposing presence helped the folks at the LOBC Fall Festival feel secure during our work there. Jim’s biggest passion was motorcycles and he was an active member of the Sandollar Motorcycle Club. He also enjoyed cars. He always had something a little different including one of those little mini cars which was always funny when this tall person got out of that tiny car. He was always a very nice person.

His sister found me on Facebook and told me the news. There was no service at his request, and his sister looks to get out an obituary at some point. Please give a thought and a prayer for Jim today.

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