Exam Results at NOARC Hamfest

Hello All. The results follow for the exam session on Saturday, 10/9/2021:

  1. Steve Schlemback, N4SFS is now Extra, and kept his callsign.
  2. D’Artagnan Fabean is now a Tech with call KC3SWO. (not a typo; from Pennsylvania).
  3. Matthew Funk is now a General with call KO4TXJ.
  4. Andrew Grundle is now a Technician with call of KO4TXK
  5. Gregory Robards is now an Extra with the call of KY4KJ.

Please join us at a NOARC club meeting, the next one is next Thursday, and check us out here at w4aaz.org. 

Thanks again to the other VEs that assisted (W4BZM, KM4OZK and KJ4RWD).  Be sure and give each upgradee a shout when you hear them on the air!