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QST NFL January 2022

What’s inside….
Page 2 Calling All PIOs
Page 3 From the SEC
Page 4 Jacksonville Radio News
Page 5 ATU100 Automatic Antenna Tuner Kit-Part 2
Page 7 Getting a Foot into the Schools
Page 8 QCWA Chapter 62 Elects Officers
Page 9 Playground Amateur Radio Club
Page 10 NWFL Hams Participate in Fox Hunt
Page 11 Alachua Co NFARC/ARES® Adds Key Protection to Pricey Go-Boxes
Page 12 Alachua NFARC/ARES® Moves to Groups.io
Page 13 What’s Happening? Santa Rosa County
Page 14 FCC Testing Locations
Page 15 NFL Officials

A very Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for all the input. Looking forward to more exciting news in 2022.

Marty Brown, N4GL
Editor, QST NFL