Exam Results

Two applicants were tested on 8/5/2019, with David, KM5AT passing his Extra.  He was licensed previously as an Advanced. 

Others helping with the session were W4BZM, KI5FR, AJ4XK, KL7LS, KJ4RWD AND KK4WDQ.  New member and new ham Bob, KN4UDT, assisted with setup and crowd control.  He plans on becoming a VE within the next year. 

Thanks to Live Oak Baptist Church, NOARC, the applicants, and most of all the other VEs.   A special thanks to Ron for getting the Fellowship Hall.


Merit Badge University

Objective:       Get 8 to 10 scouts to complete the requirements for Radio merit badge.  

Where:           At EOC in Niceville.  We would have use of the radio room.  We have also requested one of the breakout rooms for the instructional part.

When:            On Saturday August 10, 2019, with a 3-hour period in the morning, lunch, and a 3-hour period in the afternoon. 

What we would need to provide:   Instructors, presentation, projector, big screen, HTs so we could run multiple contacts simultaneously, demo items for a table (books, hardware, QSL display, etc.)

Other:             Have each scout make a 10 minute conversation “over the air:, which is one of the requirements for the badge.

Recommend 147.360 repeater, and 146.580 simplex, within range of the Niceville EOC. Time of the QSOs would be approximately 15:00  on Saturday. 

If you can help, let Don Snyder, KN4CGX, Mike Behr, W4BZM; or Bruce Adams, KA5DLV know of your intent.


The NOARC Training Team is trying to decide on the next course to teach later this year of 2019 – the General or the Extra.   For those desiring to upgrade, would you be “Seriously Interested” in attending an upgrade course?   Seriously Interested means attending six sessions for the General and 12 sessions for the Extra study course.  An exam would be planned about a week or so after the last class.   A syllabus of topics by instructor would have to be developed, based on availability, plus a location.

The text to be used is the ARRL License manuals.  There are various locations online to take practice tests.  Each session, whether General or Extra course, is approximately three hours – in the past – from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.   The recent locations have been either the Crestview or Niceville campus of Northwest Florida State College. 

Please contact Bruce, KA5DLV, Mike, W4BZM, or use the Contact Us tab on the club’s website www.W4AAZ.org to drop us a message.   We look forward to hearing from you by June 1!



Here are the callsigns of the eight upgrades at the most recent exam given in Niceville. Seven of them were in the class held at Rocky Bayou Church.  All were unlicensed prior to the exam:

KN4UDS Joe;  KN4UDT Bob; KN4UDU John; KN4UDV Jim;  KN4UDW Dawn (a speaker recently at the club) ;  KN4UDX Troy; KN4UDY Glen (a former licensee); and  KN4UZD Jeff.

Please say HELLO to them when you hear them on the air, and / or see them at a meeting.  Congratulations to all of you!