August Training Report

NOARC recently held training sessions for the Technician license on August 12, 19, and 26.  We had seven students who attended at least one class, including two ladies and three young men under the age of sixteen — not the normal makeup of a ham radio class!  We welcome their interest!  Three of the students passed the Technician test on 09 September and will soon have their call signs and be heard on the air.  Please welcome Nancy Cummings, Doug Blanford, and Jackson Puls to the fold of radio amateurs.  Hopefully, they will be at the NOARC meeting on 14 September.  Please make it a point to introduce yourself to them.

Thanks are also due to the guest instructors for the Technician class:  Arc W4CPD, Ron KI5FR, and Bruce KA5DLV.  NOARC would not be able to present these classes without the assistance of these guest instructors.

Technician License Class Starting 8/12/17

The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC) will offer classes on 12, 19, and 26 August (Saturday mornings) from 0830 to 1130 at the Crestview campus of the Northwest Florida State College.  (Just East of the intersection of 85 and 90.)

The syllabus will be:

12 August (this Saturday):

  • Intro to the course
  • Chap 1, Welcome to Amateur Radio
  • Chap 2  Radio and Signals Fundamentals
  • Chap 3  Electricity, Components, and Circuits

19 August:

  • Chap 4  Propagation Antennas, and Feed Lines
  • Chap 5  Amateur Radio Equipment

26 August

  • Chap 6 Communicating with Other Hams
  • Chap 7  Licensing Regulations
  • Chap 8  Operating Regulations
  • Chap 9  Safety

For our text, we will be using “The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual”, Third Edition, It’s available from the ARRL store at their web site, for $29.95 + shipping (conventional binding) or $32.95 + shipping (spiral,lie-flat binding) as an individual order shipped to your home.  We can also make a bulk order through the club at a discount price of $23 (conventional binding) or $25 (spiral binding), but they would be shipped to our training coordinator and would be distributed at the next class — probably not until the 19 Aug session.   If you utilize Kindle from Amazon you can also purchase the book on the Kindle store for $19.95.

We apologize for the short notice, but we are trying to provide the training prior to the Labor Day holiday to match up with some testing schedules.

Please contact Mike Behr, W4BZM via e-mail if you would like to attend this class.  Please let Mike know as well if you would like for him to order the material for you.

Boy Scout University

Boy Scout University

NOARC members taught at the Boy Scout University today! We had a total of 13 Scouts attending classes to obtain their Radio merit badge. A huge thank you to the Emergency Operations Center for providing the room as well as Steve Strom, Richard Bailey, Scott & Kathy Moneypenny for helping us teach the class today and Arc Thames for talking to the scouts on the air from Pace. These scouts are our future!


SOTA Report

SOTA Report

Here’s an update from our very own Jesse – KB2OBQ on his “Summits on the air” activation on Crystal Peak in the mountains of Colorado. Jesse and his detachment scaled this peak and Jesse competed against his military communications specialist and was able to make 9 contacts before the military comms were able to get on the air.  Thanks Jesse for the report!

The SOTA activation was a success! After a very, very difficult ascent, I was able to get an antenna up and make 9 contacts before rough weather rolled in and forced us off the peak. The little Elecraft and a home-brew antenna performed well, although I could not dig any Florida or NOARC stations out of the static. My contacts ranged from Washington State, Oregon, California, Kansas, to Indiana. Overall, I think NOARC was well represented at 13,800 feet +/-. 

Oh, and a side note, Ham Radio came out ahead. I was able to set up the radio, get the antenna up, and make 9 contacts before our commo guy could make a single contact! We’ll call that a win for Ham Radio!

 The air was thin up there, but not too thin for RF!



Ham & a Biscuit

Ham & a Biscuit

We are pleased to announce a new monthly gathering for NOARC “Ham and a biscuit” that will take place the fourth Saturday of every month at 0830. The first one will be this Saturday at Hardee’s in Crestview. Feel free to stop in, grab some coffee and a biscuit and get to know your fellow hams. This will be a great event going forward to invite new potential HAM’s and members. Invite your friends, this is open to everyone, not just NOARC members. All local clubs are welcome to join!

Be sure to check out our events calendar and social media sites for the location for the current month.