Ham & a Biscuit

Ham & a Biscuit

We are pleased to announce a new monthly gathering for NOARC “Ham and a biscuit” that will take place the fourth Saturday of every month at 0830. The first one will be this Saturday at Hardee’s in Crestview. Feel free to stop in, grab some coffee and a biscuit and get to know your fellow hams. This will be a great event going forward to invite new potential HAM’s and members. Invite your friends, this is open to everyone, not just NOARC members. All local clubs are welcome to join!

Be sure to check out our events calendar and social media sites for the location for the current month.


SOTA Opportunity- Summits on the Air

One of our very own, Jesse – KB2OBQ, will be operating while on a military training exercise in the coming weeks.

Jesse and his detachment will be headed out to the mountains of Colorado in order to conduct alpine training.  As part of a friendly competition, he and his communications guy have a “friendly” bet going on who will be able to log the most contacts, either him on military gear on military freqs, or Jesse on Ham radio.  My money is on us in the Ham community.  With that being said, starting on the evening of the 19th of July, You’ll be able to hear me on the normal QRP frequencies of 15m, 20m and 40m operating CW, SSB and digital modes.

On the 26th of July, they are going to summit Crystal Peak, at an altitude of 13,852 ft.  They will hop on the air, and the ‘competition’ will commence.  Jesse has registered that summit effort with SOTA (Summits On The Air)Look for me around 15:30 UTC, 26 July (10:30 central time) on or around 14.285.  They will operate for a bit from that peak, then move east to Father Dyer peak, then ultimately end up on Mount Helen.  Peak information can be found here: https://www.14ers.com/13ers/peak.php?peakkey=450

Jesse will be posting updates and frequency information here so be sure to get on the air and log this SOTA contact: http://www.sotawatch.org/alerts.php

As an update to this, some had asked about CW, below is Jesse’s reply:

As far as CW freqs go, I will be on the QRP calling freq both SSB and CW, so for CW listen around 14.060, and for 15m, 21.060. I think I’ll mostly try SSB so the other folks can listen figure around 14.285 and 21.385.


Field Day 2017 Success!

Field Day 2017 Success!

We would like to say a special thank you to all the visitors that came out to visit us on Field Day including Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux and Crestview City Council Member J.B. Whitten. Also, a very special thanks to the Okaloosa County Emergency Management Office for the use of their mobile communications trailer.

We had a great crowd of over 75 visitors from all over the area and many folks got to try amateur radio for the first time at our GOTA (Get On The Air) station.

Here are just a few pictures to highlight some of the activities.

NOARC Field Day 2017

What is ARRL Field Day?

Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest
and, most of all, FUN!

ARRL Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada.  On the fourth weekend of June of each year, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.

It is a time when many aspects of Amateur Radio come together to highlight our many roles. While some will treat it as a contest, other groups use the opportunity to practice their emergency response capabilities. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Amateur Radio to the organizations that Amateur Radio might serve in an emergency, as well as to the general public. For many clubs, ARRL Field Day is one of the highlights of their annual calendar.

The contest part simply involves contacting as many other stations as possible while learning to operate our radio gear in abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions.

We use these same skills when we help with events such as marathons and bike-a-thons; fund-raisers such as walk-a-thons; celebrations such as parades; and exhibits at fairs, malls and museums—these are all large, preplanned, non-emergency activities.

But despite the development of very complex, modern communications systems—or maybe because they ARE so complex—ham radio has been called into action again and again to provide communications in crises when it really matters. Amateur Radio operators (also called “hams”) are well known for our communications support in real disaster and post-disaster situations.

When: Saturday June 24 Noon until Sunday June 25 at 3:00PM
Where: NOARC Club Site, Corner of Webb and East First Ave, Crestview, FL
Who: Everyone is invited, you’ll even have your own chance to “Get on the air”!

A free lunch will be provided on Saturday June 24 from noon until 3:00PM.