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Amateur Extra Class Ham License — On-Line Help for Your Self Study

The Amateur Extra Class License is the top level of amateur radio licenses and conveys all amateur radio privileges.

These video segments are based on the 12th Edition of the ARRL Extra Class License Manual For Ham Radio is a mandatory adjunct to this course. You can get the 12th Edition ARRL Extra Class License Manual by via Amazon by clicking on this link. It’s actually somewhat less expensive on Amazon than at the ARRL website, and Amazon’s shipping charges are less too, which will save you a few dollars. NOTE: You want the 12th Edition. Any earlier editions are great books, but will not fully prepare you for the current question set, valid July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2024.

All videos have been updated for the 12th Edition of the license manual.
Amateur Extra License Course

What do you do when you’re ready to take the test?

Go to www.arrl.org/exam_sessions/search, enter your zip code, and search for an examination session in your area. Good luck!