FL Panhandle Digital Data Net

I’m starting a Digital Data net. Intention is to focus on localized communication but I will include folks from other locales who check in. There will be two sessions each week. A JS8 Session on Tuesday and a Winlink session as part of Winlink Wednesday. Each session will be open for the entire 24 hour period to encourage experimentation on sending messages direct and via other stations. You don’t have to participate the entire 24 hour period but due to the asynchronous nature of both of JS8Call and Winlink you can participate as little or as much as you like.

For the JS8 session, In JS8Call, add a group to your group list called @FLPAN. You can check-in using JS8 from 0000Z on Monday evening through 0029Z on Tuesday evening on 50.318 (6 meters) using the messaging capabilities of JS8Call by sending a message to @FLPAN. If you intend to leave your JS8 station on the air state so and practice sending messages to others using JS8. Additionally, set a beacon up to announce your stations presence on the air. If you plan to leave your station up for Winlink P2P sessions for the Wednesday session, please state so in message to the group allowing other folks to attempt to connect to you to send messages. If you plan to leave your JS8 station online, modify the station info field in the station configuration to show anything pertinent you want to pass to the group such as if your station is attended or not to allow folks to query your station to check your status.

JS8 Check-In procedure: @FLPAN MSG <Callsign> <Grid> X X- Callsign and Grid are your info and self explanatory. Please use a six character grid if you know it… mine is EM60qk.- The first X is a Y or N if you plan to leave your station on the air for the JS8 session. If you plan to leave your station on the air, set your beacon to auto every 15 minutes.– Second X is a Y or N if you plan to leave your station on Winlink for the Winlink session. Example: @FLPAN MSG N2XU EM60QK Y Y

For the Winlink session, you can check-in direct (P2P) by using VARA (SSB/DIG) and connecting to N2XU on 50.625 (6 meters) using VARA from 0000Z on Tuesday evening through 2359Z on Wednesday evening. You can also check in using the Winlink net using any gateway of your choosing. Please refrain from using Telnet. Based on check-in information during the Tuesday JS8 Session, feel free to exchange P2P messages with other folks who leave their stations on the air.I will send a Winlink message via the Winlink network NLT Sunday morning containing a net report to all folks who check-in.

The goal is to practice using the asynchronous digital modes. The more we practice the more proficient we’ll be during times we need it. I chose 6 meters primarily because my goal is to stand up local digital emergency communication capabilities. Local propagation on 6 meters resembles local propagation on 2 meters. I may mix in 80meter NVIS JS8 and Winlink P2P at a later date depending on participation and group wishes.

Let’s Play!