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Club Property

Should we change the way we handle our NOARC Club property?
What is wrong with it?


Looking over the documents section the last accounting for the property of the club seems to have been done in 2018. Can we come up with a date within the next month for a full inventory and collection of all assets? Also do we need to centralize the items and have a sign out roster after permission is asked to borrow property? 

These are questions I am asking after the banner situation has come to light. While many of us have last known accounts of their use, no one has stepped forward and identified who actually has them. As they are needed for upcoming events this is a time bound issue. If they cannot be located of retrieved do we as a club need to have new ones made and kept under lock and key at the clubhouse? 


I am glad to help out when and where I can as I know many of you are. Together we can ensure success. All of our time is limited but this seems like an easy checkmark in the box. 



**Update** (Sorry it is late), 

I have the banners if you did not already know and the signs. I will get the dust off of them and bring them to the Hamfest with me and then turn them over to Joe KN4UDS on Saturday for the Crestview BBQ. 

See you all there hopefully! 




The Club items I borrowed for the last 2 events are back in the Clubhouse. @ tables, 6 chairs, 2 banners and 2 yard signs.