We have received back the initial designs for some new shirt options.  These designs are available in multiple styles including long/short sleeve regular and performance t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and polo’s.  Please fill out the linked PDF order form for the product you wish to order and return to me.  Alternatively, you can just e-mail me your order as the PDF files are a little large.  I will detail the intent of each shirt below.  All designs may have your call sign and name added for a $5 upcharge.  Please do see the order form for sizing availability of the different products.  Once I have enough orders the printer will be able to do the first run.

I’d love to be able to get enough orders in early this week to possibly have the first run available by the next business meeting.  If you do wish to add your name & call sign, please fill it out in the order form or if you email it to me please type it out for me as you want it.  I will be sending the information to the printer exactly as it is sent to me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


Fun ShirtClick here for order form

This shirt was designed with fun in mind and to show off your love for amateur radio.  This style comes in military green.  The design on the back will be easier to read in the final but says “Yes, I am one of those amateur radio people”.


Safety GreenClick here for order form

The design of this shirt was to be retro but also function as it identifies you as an amateur radio communicator and can be used at special events (if the event is ARES related you would still need to wear your official ARES vest.  Most of our events are non-ARES.)


Retro NaturalClick here for order form

This shirt is the exact same design as above but in a natural color for that retro look.