LOTA 2018 Photos

We had a great library event with lots of participation. Both of our club stations had been brought and worked with PSK and SSB as expected.
All the antennas put up by Scott and Jesse worked well and well set up to avoid interference. The CW station was low power and I expected no problem but I was on 40 CW and Mike, KK4KRZ, was using on 20 SSB on exactly the second harmonic of my CW signal. I just quit for a few minutes as I was finishing the CW contact. The double Hustler mobile antennas for 40M that Scott put up for the CW station worked great, resonate on the phone portion and only 1.8:1 on the CW portion.

It was a great event and I thank the activities committee, in this case Scott + XYL, Jesse + XYL, and others, for hauling the stations over, setting them up with batteries, setting up antenna, and hailing it all back.

Bob Walker, N4CU


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