Community Service

While amateur Radio can be a fun hobby it is also a useful tool to serve our community. If you are planning an outdoor event that ranges over highways, streets, or trails in Okaloosa and surrounding counties, we offer our FREE radio communication services to provide:

  • Participant location tracking
  • Communications for logistics
  • Rapid response in the event of mishap

What can NOARC do for my event?

NOARC prides itself on its community involvement and would love to assist with communications for your next event.  While cell phones are great for on the spot communications, reception and timeliness aren’t always stellar.  NOARC can assist at your event by providing “communicators” (NOARC FCC licensed members) to either pair up with volunteers for your event or they can act alone to relay information.

A great example of this service is during a walking or running event such as a 5k.  NOARC members can be stationed along your run route as well as at the start/finish line to provide updates on the location of participants as well as relay requests for medical attention if needed.  NOARC will typically setup a base tent at the starting point so that event coordinators can easily request and receive information from our communicators.

Festivals are another great opportunity to utilize “communicators”.  NOARC members can assist your team with providing information on locations for vendor setup and other logistical coordination.

Whatever your event needs may be you can count on NOARC for:

  • Communicators with years to decades of experience
  • Professional and reliable equipment
  • A friendly smile and a helpful attitude

While NOARC does not charge for these services, donations are always welcome as we are a 501c3 non-profit organization.  Please contact us as soon as possible before your event to ensure availability.  For more information, please contact us.