NOARC welcomes all to our meetings and events. NOARC meets twice a month at Live Oak Baptist church in Crestview, FL.  The second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM is our monthly business meeting where we handle the official business of the club such as planning activities and reviewing income and expenses.  The fourth Thursday of every month at the same time and location is our monthly “tech night” where we really get down to the fun stuff and learn about all the different facets of amateur radio.  Both nights are a great opportunity to come out and meet fellow operators in our local area or get acquainted with the hobby if you’re brand new!  

Licensed amateurs also have access to NOARC’s Radio Station where we have several radios available for use.

If you’d like to Join NOARC, simply fill out an application form and bring it to one of the meetings or you can mail it in. Full (voting) membership requires that you are already licensed for Amateur Radio. Associate Membership (non-voting) is available to anyone, licensed or unlicensed.

Full membership dues are presently $24 and associate dues is presently $12. Dues are paid annually in December. New members may prorate their dues if joining mid-year. Dues may be paid 1) in person at one of our business meetings, 2) be mailed in with the application, or 3) paid online (click “PayPal” button). Dues are used to support club activities, club radio station and to cover liabilities such as insurance, etc.

Please note that membership is not required for our license training and testing programs. All are welcome.