Net’s are gatherings of amateur radio operators “on the air”.  Nets are used for emergency operation practice, training, and general conversation.  No matter what mode you prefer to operate in, there’s a net for you! Times are in Central Time.


  • 5:55A FPTN (Traffic net) 3.940 LSB
  • 8:00A NFL ARES Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net) (Not on Sunday)
  • 6:30P NFL Phone Net 3.950 LSB (Traffic net)
  • 8:00P Gulf Coast VHF Training Net 147.360 W4AAZ (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Escambia ARES Training Session 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:30P Escambia ARES Net 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:30P Okaloosa ARES Net 444.800 (+offset, 100hz tone)
  • 8:00P Milton ARC Net 145.490 W4VIY (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Santa Rosa County ARES Net 146.700 K4SRC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:30P Elmers Net 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P Walton ARES Net 147.375 (+offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:00P Escarosa 10M Net 28.375 USB
  • 8:00P Northern Florida D-Star Net. Reflector REF046C, D-Rats on


  • (First Thursday only) 8:00P 220 Round Table 224.000 KO4SRC (-offset DCS023)
  • 6:00P – Mullet Net 3.885 AM


  • 9:00A Statewide Amateur Radio Network 444.900 (+offset, 100hz tone)
  • 7:00P Wire Rascals 146.760 W4UC (-offset, 100hz tone)


  • 7:00P YL (Women’s) Net 146.700 K4SRC (-offset, 100hz tone)
  • 6:00P North Florida Digital Net, 3.590, USB, PSK31
  • 8:30P Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club (TCARC) 146.730 K4DTV (-offset, no tone)

Weather Event
Hurricane Watch Net — check web page for activities, messages and frequency changes.
Net is active only during hurricane events.
20 meters: 14.325 MHz
40 meters: 7.268 MHz