How to Place a Station On the Air

  1. As a key holder you have a closet key and a cabinet key which will open all four locks.  Remove the board from the station you wish to open.   Station one has a stop to keep shelf three from opening until you until you attach shelf two to the top of the cabinet.  There is a bungee or rope to do this.  Open the closet and turn on the closet light by plugging the light in behind station two.  
  2. The two power strip cords should be now be plugged into the remaining sockets on the surge protectors.  The surge protectors should always be on.
  3. If you plan to use station 2, close the knife switch on the North wall.  Connect the tuner output coax to the radio input.  If you plan to use station 1 connect to rotor output Jones plug to the socket Jones plug hanging from the ceiling area.  Connect the 4-band beam coax to the radio.   You can use the six-meter beam, but you should be able to figure out how to connect it.
  4. Connect rotor controller to rotor cable.
  5. Turn on the rotor controller if you are going use it.  Turn on radio power supply.   Turn on the computer.
  6. Enter the W4AAZ member password.
  7. Use the station under your call sign with your operator class.  Make sure your use is logged.  HRD and N1MM are on the station for your use.
  8. If you wish to use the station for a contest. start a new log or a new database.
  9. If you wish to use the club call sign you must be designated as a control operator by making a proper request to the station licensee, N4GXX.
  10. Closing the station is the reverse, do not unplug the key, computer or radio interconnects.  If you use the Heil Proset,  adapter and foot or hand switch, replace them on the shelf and leave a microphone plugged in.
  11. Be sure the station is left exactly as when you entered it and the floor is swept.