Start Using N1MM

  1. N1MM is the most popular contesting type program and there are many others.  There are many features, and you do not need to know about or use most of them.
  2. Go to to get the installation update. You need both.  You will need to answer a few questions.   The next time you use to program, it will probably say updated needed.   Don’t bother yet.
  3. Go to Config and then Station data.  Fill in your information. Don’t forget ARRL section is NFL, CQ Zone is 5, ITU Zone is 8, Grid Square is EM60.  That is all you really need besides personal info.
  4. Go to File and then to New Database and start and new database for you2019 contest logs.  You can name it ‘{your call} 2019”.   Now you can add contests and have them together available year by year.
  5. Go to File and Open New Log in Database and you should get an entry window.
  6. Click on the arrow for The Log type and see a list of contest types.   Scroll the one you want and select it.  An example is “ARRLDXSSB”.  Change power to LOW and ASSISTED to UNASSISTED.  If everything else looks ok check OK
  7. Now you should see only the entry window.   Make a contact, put his info in, and hit enter.
  8. When the contest is over, go to File and Generate a Cabrillo file.   Your file will look like {yourcall}.log.  Save it where you will remember where it is.
  9. Go the rules and find out where you log should be sent. An example is “”.
  10. That is all there is to it.  You should get a confirmation form the contest sponsor.  There all sorts of stuff N1MM will do.  If you go to the entry window and left click you can get rid of the Function Key Panel, those F keys you are not using, connect to other computers, and the list goes on.