“D-Star” Digital Voice and Data Communications, is becoming a popular means of communication with Amateur Radio Enthusiasts. Think of it as the ever popular “Nextel”. D-Star transfers both voice and data via digital encoding over the 2 m (VHF), 70 cm (UHF), and 23 cm (1.2 GHz) amateur radio bands. There is also an interlinking radio system for creating links between systems in a local area on 10 GHz. When connected to D-Stars repeaters the capability to communicate around the world is endless. I have put together several links below to aid and assist you in your quest for further knowledge. I hope you find them useful.

Thanks to Steve-KB4OID, Jim-N4NID, Steve-N4GXX, Bob-N4CU, and Sharon-KJ4TPQ for their efforts, we now have a 2 mtr, 70 cm and 23 cm D-Star Repeater.

The frequencies are 145.150 -600 KHz for 2 mtr, 444.600 + 5.000 MHz for 70 cm and 1291.3 -20.000 DV with 1251.3 MHz RPS DD for 23 cm. The call sign is “KO4EOC” and for now you only need to put “CQCQCQ” in your call sign programming. The D-Star repeater is located on the same tower as the Crestview Repeater (147.360). So if you have the capability, dial up the 145.150, 444.600 or 1291.3 machines and check out your coverage. We are all looking forward to hearing you on the counties newest repeater.

You can find a list of DSTAR “nets” right here.