ARRL DX Contest

The ARRL DX contest for SSB is this March 2nd and 3rd.  This means that
it is a 48 hour contest starting at 6 PM on Friday and ending at 6 PM
Sunday.  You will have 7 days after the contest ends to get your score in to:

We will be offering prizes to encourage our club members to participate in this contest. This is not a QSO count contest. The prize will be determined by your score shown on the submission confirmation. The treasurer has the prize money, and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes are $45, $35, and $25.    Read the rules at: The rules state the requirements for a log.  If you want, N1MM will create a log.  See “Start using N1MM.pdf“.

Send a copy of the submission confirmations to N4CU@AMSAT.ORG by March 15th.

Disclaimer: Prize money for this contest comes from private donations and is not from NOARC treasury.

Club Opening, 15 December 2018

The heat was on and the Christmas spirit was at the Club Station this past Saturday.  

Seven folks attended / dropped by: KM4OZK, Patti; N4CU, Bob; N4FQJ, Sally; KN4KLB, Chris, and KK4VAZ, Mark.  

A new log was established on both PCs in Ham Radio Deluxe,  (HRD) since the last activity was the SSB Contest.  Contacts were made on both Yaesu FT-450Ds.  

The talk was on “Using Your Rig As a Digital Audio Recorder.”   Think about the old micro-cassette tape recorders we used in class.  The discussion showed that the ID31, 51, 5100 could send out Digital Voice announcements; could record QSOs (receive only or receive and PTT),  plus it could be used as a generic Voice Recorder for meetings.  

Other rigs reviewed were the TH-D74A by Kenwood and the FT-400 DR with an optional board.  The others use the power of a micro SD card.  The FT2D has a  in card but does not support this feature.

Some uses of the feature are: signal strength checks between distant radios; listening to yourself in conversation; reviewing missed QSOs; repeater control op item [interference]; event recorder (parades, etc.); disaster and emergency management (hurricanes); and possibly for FoxHunts.  The files can by listened to, stored on your PC and/or shared for training and other fun stuff. 

Some rigs will record from both receivers, will others will only record from the Main receiver.   Hopefully you can have some fun with this feature on your radio! 

Take care,  Bruce Adams KA5DLV

2019 Club Officers elected

The results of our December 13th business meeting election of next years officers are as follows.

  • President – CJ KJ4PIU
  • Vice President – Craig KK4WDQ
  • Secretary – Rob KM4SPJ
  • Treasurer – Robert KM4VKY

The Result of NOARC Business Measures in the order they were voted on.

Bylaws Rewrite – Approved
Budget – Approved
Dues increase to $30 – Not Approved

Main Street Crestview Association Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

It was a great night at the Main Street Crestview Association Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Patty KM4OZK, Bruce KA5DLV, Rich N4DPM and Ron KI5FR represented NOARC at the event. The first photo is the NOARC members, The second was Ron KI5FR accepting a very generous donation of $100 from Paul Lowry, President of Main Street Crestview. Thanks Main Street, we look forward to working in the years to come!

Prep Day, October 5th

Antenna raising time. The advanced team met this morning to make preparations for tomorrow’s antenna raising. While waiting for some of the team to arrive, Bob Walker gave us an promptitude course in the use of tower climbing safety equipment.

Bob Walker, N4CU

The HF Beam is UP!

NOARC has a HF beam up again! Thanks to Scott Moneypenny and many others. With a few seconds before my kitchen pass expired I heard the best signals i ever heard on 40 meters at the club station. We are all now ready to use a great station with up to date radios and and excellent beam.

Bob Walker, N4CU

September 27th. Tech Night

We had good attendance at the Technical Night held on 27 September 2018.  At the meeting, NOARC  members were introduced to an antenna that many of the experienced club members had built as their first amateur radio antenna — a 2-meter, vertical, ground-plane antenna constructed from an SO-239 coax connector 12 AWG copper wire.W4BZM provided a short discussion on the theory of a ground-plane antenna, and KK4KRZ explained the twisting of the wires for rigidity and provided several twisted wires for use.The parts kits of connector, antenna wires, and hardware were then distributed.  Six members constructed antennas and tested them using antenna analyzers, and four more kits were purchased by members for later assembly.Thank you to KK4KRZ and KI5FR for providing extra parts, tools, and antenna analyzers for use on this project.Mike Behr W4BZM

Programming memories into your Baofang by hand

Sept 15th Station Opening

This morning there were ten hams at The Station: KA5DLV, KM4OZK, N4CU, N4FQJ, KM4JJS, N4GXX, KN4OPX (New ham Van), KJ4RWD, KJ4PIU AND KE4BFX.The session opened up with a topic from N4CU on operating your HT with the antenna vertical and also horizontal.  We talked about the power loss and the “coolness” factor.The presentation (which is attached) went well, with plenty of questions.  We even had questions “before” the session started.  We got into some of the common menuing items to program a  memory, plus the high level variances between a Baofang and one of the big three radios (Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood).   There was also discussion on the effectiveness of getting packages (cable and software) from RT Systems, and the effectiveness of using CHIRP for managing radio memories.I actually walked away with one additional radio to program.Thanks to all that showed up!  I believe next week is “The Antenna Tuner Tuner”, by President Ron.73, and take care,Bruce