Who’s in Control?

On Field Day, Hams will be all over the HF bands using privileges that they themselves do not have.  If you are a Technician Class Ham, you may get to use 20 Meter Voice, 40 Meter Data and more.  How is this possible?  Is this legal?  It is possible and legal if you follow the guidelines in this document “Who is in control of your Field Day station”.  This is great info not just for Field Day, but any time you are involved in a group event. 

The 2019 update is better and more complete than last year.

Read and heed and have a great time on Field Day!

Ron Mahn KI5FR

SKYWARN Training

SKYWARN Training at the county EOC this Wednesday night at 6:30 PM
Wednesday, May 29 6:30pm.
Tropical Town Hall – Niceville, FL (Okaloosa County)
WhenWed, May 29, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
WhereOkaloosa County Emergency Management, 90 E College Blvd, Niceville, FL 32578, USA


Are you ready for Field Day 2019?  The past few have been great, especially the 2018 Field Day, when  NOARC used the Paxton (FL) Agriculture Center for its 24 hour operation.  It is located at 21972 US Highway 331.  Google locates it at 30.975932, -86.303176, or 2.6 miles south of Paxton [between the Baptist Church and the Auto / Truck Parts store].  We will be there again in 2019.

There is plenty of parking, lots of room to spread out, air conditioning, room for food, a small kitchen, room for four or five HF antennas, lots of room to operate, fellowship area, indoor restrooms, air conditioning, possibly a station for new or non-licensed amateurs, adjacent covered area, did I mention air conditioning – for those needing a perk?

The rumored intent this year is to operate all stations from solar power.  In 2018, all stations operated from batteries.  The laptop computers will be the challenge this year.  The club operated primarily from generator power the two previous years.

The intent of Field Day is for all US hams to practice at least once a year their activation of preparedness measures, specifically operating under abnormal conditions.  That could include operating from your car; a park; on battery, solar or generator power; in the woods, etc. 

The event lasts 24 hours, from 1:00 pm Central Daylight time, starting Saturday, June 22nd.  Certain stations can start setting up a few hours before the event. 

For more information and rules on Field Day, read up on the ARRL site http://www.arrl.org/field-day.   The club will have a preview / assignment session at the May 23rd Tech Night at Live Oak Baptist Church’s Fellowship Hall at 7:00 pm.  

If you have an idea and / or want to bring something (food or equipment) to Field Day, contact Rich N4PDM, C.J. KJ4PIU, Jesse KB2OBQ, or drop a line using the CONTACT US tab on this site.


The NOARC Training Team is trying to decide on the next course to teach later this year of 2019 – the General or the Extra.   For those desiring to upgrade, would you be “Seriously Interested” in attending an upgrade course?   Seriously Interested means attending six sessions for the General and 12 sessions for the Extra study course.  An exam would be planned about a week or so after the last class.   A syllabus of topics by instructor would have to be developed, based on availability, plus a location.

The text to be used is the ARRL License manuals.  There are various locations online to take practice tests.  Each session, whether General or Extra course, is approximately three hours – in the past – from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.   The recent locations have been either the Crestview or Niceville campus of Northwest Florida State College. 

Please contact Bruce, KA5DLV, Mike, W4BZM, or use the Contact Us tab on the club’s website www.W4AAZ.org to drop us a message.   We look forward to hearing from you by June 1!



Here are the callsigns of the eight upgrades at the most recent exam given in Niceville. Seven of them were in the class held at Rocky Bayou Church.  All were unlicensed prior to the exam:

KN4UDS Joe;  KN4UDT Bob; KN4UDU John; KN4UDV Jim;  KN4UDW Dawn (a speaker recently at the club) ;  KN4UDX Troy; KN4UDY Glen (a former licensee); and  KN4UZD Jeff.

Please say HELLO to them when you hear them on the air, and / or see them at a meeting.  Congratulations to all of you!

2019 Club Officers elected

The results of our December 13th business meeting election of next years officers are as follows.

  • President – CJ KJ4PIU
  • Vice President – Craig KK4WDQ
  • Secretary – Rob KM4SPJ
  • Treasurer – Robert KM4VKY

The Result of NOARC Business Measures in the order they were voted on.

Bylaws Rewrite – Approved
Budget – Approved
Dues increase to $30 – Not Approved

Main Street Crestview Association Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

It was a great night at the Main Street Crestview Association Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Patty KM4OZK, Bruce KA5DLV, Rich N4DPM and Ron KI5FR represented NOARC at the event. The first photo is the NOARC members, The second was Ron KI5FR accepting a very generous donation of $100 from Paul Lowry, President of Main Street Crestview. Thanks Main Street, we look forward to working in the years to come!

Prep Day, October 5th

Antenna raising time. The advanced team met this morning to make preparations for tomorrow’s antenna raising. While waiting for some of the team to arrive, Bob Walker gave us an promptitude course in the use of tower climbing safety equipment.

Bob Walker, N4CU