Results from 8/10/2020 Exam

The exam on August 10 had 14 applicants, 12 of which were from the class. Nine of the 14 got the Technician licenses, one got the General upgrade, and one person went from zero to Extra.   The VEs were KA5DLV, KM4OZK, KL7LS, AJ4XK, KJ4RWD, KK4WDQ and W4BZM.

The list follows: 

Christopher Bolin KO4GDR Tech; Suzanne Cain KO4GDS Tech; David Cook KY4AI Extra; David Craft KO4GDT Tech; Mackenzie Holliday KO4FUU to General; Scott Friesen KO4GDU Tech; Christoper Kelly KO4GDV Tech; James King KO4GDW Tech; William King KO4GDX Tech; Katherine Talley KO4GDY Tech; Michael Williams KO4GDZ Tech

Congratulations to all of the new hams, upgrades, instructors and VEs.

ARES Coordinator at the EOC


    So far no one has stepped forward to take the lead as the ARES Coordinator at the EOC and for the Shelters.  ARES as you know is a vital and key component of disaster communications pre and post disaster.  As you are fully aware we “The County” has partnered in the past and provided support by providing equipment “DStar” and Duke Field Repeaters for use in the area by ARES both pre and post disaster.  However, if we have no support by Aug 30 we are left with no options but to shut off the Duke Field repeater and the DStar Repeater and use those only for EOC Emergency Ops.   Could you please pass this on to the groups North and South County and let them know.  We would rather have a working relationship to where we can keep communications at peak level in the county and tested daily rather than just for Emergency Ops.  ARES as I stated is key and vital to disaster communications.  Let keep the great working relationship going as we have done in the past, but we need their support and a ARES Coordinator.   Have them reply directly to me as to who will assume this position.  Thanks

Ken Wolfe, MSM

Emergency Management, Coordinator
Okaloosa County, Public Safety
90 College Blvd E
Niceville, FL 32578

UPCOMING EXAM – 8/10/2020

There will be an amateur radio exam on Monday, August TENTH, 6:30 pm  start, at The Fellowship Hall of Live Oak Baptist Church, 4565 Live Oak Church Road, in Crestview, FL 32539.

The exam is planned to start at 6:30 pm, so please arrive about 6:00 or a little after. The fee is $10.00; if writing a check, make it out to WCARS/VEC.

Unlicensed applicants must have an FRN (Federal Registration Number); Social Security Numbers are no longer allowed.  Obtain your FRN before the exam, from the FCC site at (New User Registration link)

Masks will be required, and we will adhere to the CDC’s six foot social distancing recommendation.

Applicants must preregister to me directly, or send a note to me via the club website CONTACT US tab at


August Tech Night 2020: Satellite Operations

The July NOARC Tech Night will be presented by club member, past President and current Vice-President Ron Mahn, KI5FR.  His topic will be Satellite Operations: How do I get started?

Ron is one of the most active hams in the Panhandle using this mode.  He has presented this topic numerous times to the club, and sets up a station at Field Day operations. 

If you have seen presentation this before – come see it again.

If you have not seen this presentation – come learn about the various uplinks, downlinks, Cubesats other “birds”, and software to make the tracking easier on you.  As many of you know, the International Space Station has amateurs on it also.

You can also attend via ZOOM. Click here for ZOOM instructions (once actuated).

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 7:00 pm at the Live Oak Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.

Loaner Pool ?

I recently accepted a donation of a Kenwood TH-7D7A handi-talkie for use in the NOARC “loaner pool”.  (We currently have three Baofengs which can be checked out by new hams to get on the air quickly while they are deciding what hardware to buy.)  This is an older HT, but still very capable — dual 2m/0.7m FM with built-in APRS capability and the long-life battery.

Unfortunately, it was donated without a charger or reprogramming cable.  Both are available on eBay, but before I spend $50 for a charger and $25 for a cable, I’d like to know if the radio in fact still works.  I have no idea how long it has been since it was operational, since it came from the estate of a silent key. 

Does anyone have a Kenwood BC-19 or BC-17 charger, or a PG-4W programming cable, which I could borrow to test out this new-to-us HT?

Mike W4BZM


A Technician License Study Course will be offered this summer by the North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC) of Crestview, Florida.

Classes will be on Mondays, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, starting July 13, 2020, for four weeks (July 13, 20, 27 and August 03).  The cost of the class is FREE, but donations will be accepted.  The class will be taught using Zoom software.  This method will save time and travel, and help with the social distancing.

We are using the ARRL Ham License Manual, Fourth Edition.  The books can be acquired from the ARRL website at or most ham radio stores.

Contact Mike W4BZM (, or Bruce KA5DLV with questions, or use the Contact NOARC page on the NOARC website (  An exam will be planned for August 10 (NO Walkins) with the place to be determined.   We will need your name, phone number and email address for the class.  

We look forward to hearing from you!


The Club President was asked in early February by Police Chief Steven McCosker for the club to assist his officers with the first Unity Flashlight Walk. The 1.2 mile walk (5:45 pm on February 29, 2020) in downtown Crestview requested we be their “eyes and ears” while the patrol officers walked with residents as a sign of solidarity of community strength and unity. The hams were to be aided by Okaloosa Sheriff and other community volunteers. As the last marchers passed each of 14 checkpoints (street intersections), horse-type barricades would be removed and we were to be released.

The club was allowed to setup a tent (net control point) at the start/finish of the walk, which was City Hall. There was also one ham “ bicycle mobile” as a roamer. The net was run on 447.000 Mhz.

Thanks to the hams the participated: KM4OZK as a community walker; KI4MEU, KM4YOH, N4DPM, KF6LEC, KI4ZIH, KJ4PIU, KM4SPJ, KI4ZER and friend, KN4UDS and daughter, KF4RAF, KA5DLV, KM4SRO and wife, KI5FR, WB4EWS, KJ4FNA, AK4XK, KL7LS, KK4WDQ and KO4AFZ.

Thanks to Mayor JB Whitten and Chief McCosker for attending our meeting and presenting their request.


Officer Elections

In our Novermber 14th Business meeting we elected new officers:

President two year term: Bob Murphy
Vice President one year term: Ron Mahn
Secretary one year term: Ralph Zecco
Treasurer two year term: Steve Strom