NOARC Remote Classes for the General License

Michael Behr, W4BZM

The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club (NOARC) will hold classes for the General license beginning in January 2021. Classes will be held remotely, via the Zoom application. Our current intention is to hold classes from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM (with breaks) Central Time on the following dates in 2021:
January 25
February 1, 8, 22
March 1, 8
Mach 15 – tentative test under WCARS VEC

We will be using the ARRL General Class License Manual, 9th Edition. A Zoom account will be required, available free from

NOARC’s home location is in the Florida panhandle, but during a previous
Technician class, we had students from out of state (Alabama) and in other
time zones (Tampa area). So don’t let geographic separation be a limiting factor.

Interested in participating in the classes? Please contact one of the following instructors prior to the signup deadline of Thursday, 07 January 2021.

Mike, W4BZM
Bruce, KA5DLV


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Marty Brown, N4GL

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