So you want to be a Ham – (Updated 12/22/2021)

Technician License Class

The North Okaloosa Amateur Radio Club is offering this Amateur Radio Technician level class.

Registration for this class is now closed. Please check back here for future classes. Or leave your interest in future classes

A test will be given on February 22 for those who wish to take it, those who pass will be certified as an Amateur Radio Technician Class Operator. Testing for General or Amateur Extra is also available. See our Testing Page. The location is unknown.

Classes will be held at the via Zoom  due to the recent uptick of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.  We are less than 30 days from the class start, and felt this change was required.

If interested in taking this class, or for more information, please contact us on our contact page.
Deadline to register for NOARC class for Technician License is January 7, 2022.