Tech Night Videos 2021

WinLink: Email over Amateur Radio presented by Bob Murphy (KI4MEU)
Our January 2021 Tech Night was presented by our President, Bob Murphy – KI4MEU. Bob reviews what WinLink is and how to use it.

The Intricacies of On Line Exams presented by Bruce Adams (KA5DLV)
Our February 2021 Tech Night was presented by our Bruce Adams, KA5DLV. Bruce examins the Intricacies of On Line Exams.

CW Academy presented by Rich Girardin (N4DPM)
The March 2021 Tech Night was presented by Rich Girardin, N4DPM. Rich talked about the CW Academy .

Hurricane Katrina Communications Ops presented by Ray Crepeau (K1HG)
The April 2021 Tech Night was about Ray Crepeau and his wife, Daisy, assisting with communications in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Go Box and Go Kit Presentation – A presentation by Alex Barthe’, KC7MEX, of his Go Box and discussions on how to build one. May 27, 2021 NOARC Tech Night.

June Tech night was a planning session for Field Day.

Field Day 2021 A fun little video of our Field Day exercise, June 26th, 2021. Original video was without sound, so music has been added.

Grounding and Bonding – A presentation by Mike Behr, W4BZM on Grounding and Bonding. Included is a video: Grounding and Bonding – The Essentials By Ward Silver, N0AX
Overview of grounding and bonding in the ham station. Covers ac safety, lightning protection, and RF management with an emphasis on HF.
Presented at the First QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, August 2020

NOARC Station Overview – A presentation by Rich Girardin, N4DPM of NOARC’s clubhouse and radios. Recorded through Zoom, 23 September 2021

NOARC’s GCVTN, and NVIS Antennas – Presented by Craig Young, KK4WDQ. Recorded through Zoom 28 October 2021.

November and December, no meetings because of Thanks Giving and Christmas.